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    • Monu Tehlan

    Rozgaar Express helped me prepare and understand the subtle nuances of personality development. Thorough preparation in GK and current affairs through

    • Adityaa Kaushik

    Rozgaar Express helped me gain perspective of various industries and the requirement of recruiters. This helped me align my preparation to the needs o

    • Keshri Nandan Gupta

    “Thank you Rozgaar Express for all the help you have given me with my job search, you provided me the right information and advice which helped me Z

    • Viplave Verma

    “Hi, I got a suitable job from Rozgaar Express within 1 week. I am very thank full ....expecting the same service here after.”

    • Abhinav Rai

    “The most valuable portion of our collaboration was your ability to identify target company contacts and helping me to achieve my best career wit

    • Manoj Bisht

    I have been working in Jindal Polymers Ltd. Since two years. An Excellent opportunity came at my door, A right job for me and I am very appreciative

    • ShashiKant Gupta

    Hi friends,I want to share with all of you my wonderful experience with Rozgaar Express! I was looking for jobs, have updated my resume on many job

    • Ankur Gupta

    I am really very impressed! Where other agencies were rarely returning my phone calls , Rozgaar Express always kept in contact with me and they ful

    • Shailendra Kumar

    “I was looking out for a new role and came across Rozgaar Express via Linkedin. They followed up with a couple of companies and I got positive res

    • Amar Nath Sharma

    Rozgaar Express has given me an opportunity to reinvent myself. Personally, I am now highly motivated and ready to join any workplace. Their trainin

    • Gaurav Sharma

    “I have been in touch with Rozgaar Express ever since I came out of college. They has also been very helpful in recruiting friends and contacts. Th

    • Mritunjay Pratap Singh

    The service I received from Rozgaar Express has been First to none. I have used several agencies throughout my job search and generally the service h

    • Amit Tyagi

    Rozgaar Express did a excellent job communicating throughout the interview and offer process. The training I received before interview made me feel mo

    • Mohit Gupta

    The service I received from Rozgaar Express has been First to none. I have used several agencies throughout my job search and generally the service h

    • Nitish Kumar

    Thank you for the help, I would have not been given the opportunity and I am very much excited about joining my new team and this has all been made po

    • Rahul Jangra

    I recently registered with Rozgaar Express in successfully sourcing a Technical Company based in Delhi, I am pleased to say that Rozgaar Express expre

    • Ravi Verma

    Rozgaar Express is one of the few firms I would contact for any future job searches or if I am in a position to hire people. I thought the opportuniti

    • Sumit Kesri

    I have always avoided searching for jobs via an agency as I have always been extremely disappointed by them. However, I approached Rozgaar Express for

    • Arvind Shrivastava

    Rozgaar Express is a really good recruitment company as they are quick and efficient at finding temporary and permanent jobs. I registered with Rozgaa

    • Deepak Verma

    Rozgaar Express is really able to add value to my CV and do their best to match it to good job profiles. I recommend them to any candidate looking for

    • Yogesh Chander

    I wanted to thank you for being in touch after my job . I know how much hard work is involved with so many people seeking jobs right now. Thank you fo

    • Umesh Kumar

    From the moment I registered to Rozgaar Express, I felt confident that they had listened to me and had really taken note of what I was looking for.

    • Monika Sagar

    "I'm really happy that Rozgaar Express helped me get a full time job. I have had great support during my other jobs. Rozgaar Express l have also suppo

    • Monika Sharma

    "I have been registered with Rozgaar Express and I have found them to be quite effective in helping me achieve my goals for participating. They welcom

    • Ritesh Kumar Srivastava

    I was informed about Rozgaar Express by my friends. All I had to do was log in and complete the one step registration process. I received two job off

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