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  • Monu Tehlan

    "Rozgaar Express helped me prepare and understand the subtle nuances of personality development. Thorough preparation in GK and current affairs through GK junction boosted my morale while going for final interview. The study material too was very pertinent and helped in understanding the point of view of recruiters better."

  • Adityaa Kaushik

    "Rozgaar Express helped me gain perspective of various industries and the requirement of recruiters. This helped me align my preparation to the needs of the time. Practice tests in Online modules (GK junction, Vocab builder, puzzle corner) were quite good and helped me gain an edge during written tests and interview."

  • Keshri Nandan Gupta

    "“Thank you Rozgaar Express for all the help you have given me with my job search, you provided me the right information and advice which helped me Zeroing the best opportunity. The recruitment process they handled the communication very effectively and never allowed any miscommunication to creep up I have spoken to several consulting firms but Rozgaar Express is way better than others. Thanks Once again!!! "

  • Viplave Verma

    " “Hi, I got a suitable job from Rozgaar Express within 1 week. I am very thank full ....expecting the same service here after.” "

  • Abhinav Rai

    " “The most valuable portion of our collaboration was your ability to identify target company contacts and helping me to achieve my best career with my present company. Will recommend you anytime, anywhere. Thank you so much." "

  • Manoj Bisht

    " I have been working in Jindal Polymers Ltd. Since two years. An Excellent opportunity came at my door, A right job for me and I am very appreciative of the outstanding work done by Rozgaar Express from start to finish, the interview process was a positive experience with the client. I would highly recommend you to future job candidates. "

  • ShashiKant Gupta

    " Hi friends,I want to share with all of you my wonderful experience with Rozgaar Express! I was looking for jobs, have updated my resume on many job sites but I didn’t get any response from anywhere. One of my friends told me about Rozgaar Express, It was an amazing experience they scheduled my interview and next day I got call from the company as expected! It was done in an exceptional manner. They didn’t change a thing on my resume. Straight shooter from contact to contract. One candidate, one client, one offer, that’s it “one and done” "

  • Ankur Gupta

    " I am really very impressed! Where other agencies were rarely returning my phone calls , Rozgaar Express always kept in contact with me and they fully prepared me for the interview process .Their training program was very helpful and motivated me beyond my expectations. I think the things that I have learned from this program will be a strong force in directing my future. Now I know that I have many career options and opportunities for work in my field. THANK YOU Rozgaar Express !!! "

  • Shailendra Kumar

    " “I was looking out for a new role and came across Rozgaar Express via Linkedin. They followed up with a couple of companies and I got positive results from all of them. They kept track of the schedules and updates – this assures you of personalized interest and attention. There call will come before your expectations. They go a step ahead of the call of his duty to help you out with your query/problem – shows there high integrity levels. I look forward to be in touch with them.” "

  • Amar Nath Sharma

    " Rozgaar Express has given me an opportunity to reinvent myself. Personally, I am now highly motivated and ready to join any workplace. Their training program really helped me to discover my capabilities hidden inside me. It has stimulated me. My huge appreciation for this. Thank you Rozgaar Express for helping me find such a nice job. you really made a difference in my career.” "

  • Gaurav Sharma

    " “I have been in touch with Rozgaar Express ever since I came out of college. They has also been very helpful in recruiting friends and contacts. They has a wonderful understanding of the Indian Job Market. Rozgaar Express is the Recruitment Company I trust.” I will suggest to all of my colleagues who are looking for employment and you can do too.. "

  • Mritunjay Pratap Singh

    "The service I received from Rozgaar Express has been First to none. I have used several agencies throughout my job search and generally the service has felt impersonal at best."

  • Amit Tyagi

    "Rozgaar Express did a excellent job communicating throughout the interview and offer process. The training I received before interview made me feel more comfortable and what they said would be discussed matched exactly what happened."

  • Mohit Gupta

    "The service I received from Rozgaar Express has been First to none. I have used several agencies throughout my job search and generally the service has felt impersonal at best."

  • Nitish Kumar

    "Thank you for the help, I would have not been given the opportunity and I am very much excited about joining my new team and this has all been made possible by Rozgaar Express."

  • Rahul Jangra

    "I recently registered with Rozgaar Express in successfully sourcing a Technical Company based in Delhi, I am pleased to say that Rozgaar Express expressed themselves in an extremely professional manner. Took time to understand my requirements and ultimately delivered on the brief."

  • Ravi Verma

    "Rozgaar Express is one of the few firms I would contact for any future job searches or if I am in a position to hire people. I thought the opportunities you provided me were very good and you managed to keep me on your radar and stay in touch throughout the time I was looking for another position."

  • Sumit Kesri

    "I have always avoided searching for jobs via an agency as I have always been extremely disappointed by them. However, I approached Rozgaar Express for help in finding a job in the location I needed, and was absolutely amazed that I had 3 interviews set up within the first week."

  • Arvind Shrivastava

    "Rozgaar Express is a really good recruitment company as they are quick and efficient at finding temporary and permanent jobs. I registered with Rozgaar Express. Recruitment on a Wednesday and by the Friday I had a permanent placement, to be honest you can't really beat that! I have already recommended Rozgaar Express to my friends that are looking for jobs within the office and administration sectors, two of which have already been placed."

  • Deepak Verma

    "Rozgaar Express is really able to add value to my CV and do their best to match it to good job profiles. I recommend them to any candidate looking for a good career move."

  • Yogesh Chander

    "I wanted to thank you for being in touch after my job . I know how much hard work is involved with so many people seeking jobs right now. Thank you for the quick, efficient and patient responses."

  • Umesh Kumar

    "From the moment I registered to Rozgaar Express, I felt confident that they had listened to me and had really taken note of what I was looking for. "

  • Monika Sagar

    ""I'm really happy that Rozgaar Express helped me get a full time job. I have had great support during my other jobs. Rozgaar Express l have also supported me through some personal problems and helped me link up with other support networks.""

  • Monika Sharma

    ""I have been registered with Rozgaar Express and I have found them to be quite effective in helping me achieve my goals for participating. They welcome all feedback and encourage all comments to provide feedback."

  • Ritesh Kumar Srivastava

    "I was informed about Rozgaar Express by my friends. All I had to do was log in and complete the one step registration process. I received two job offers in a week time and all thanks to Rozgaar Express."

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