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We are going to talk about the most difficult examinations in India, which is almost impossible not to pass. This exam is very difficult. Also, it requires more effort and effort to pass. Then you tell me which of these exams would you like to take? Top 10 Hindi Presentations.

1) UPSC Exam: Yes, the UPSC exam is counted among the toughest exams in India. It is organized by the Government of India. This exam is for civil services like IAS, IPS, and IFS. This test of administrative services is difficult and has both written rounds and viva. According to statistics, every year about 10 lakh students take this exam, in which only 0.1-0.3% of people pass the exam.

2) AIIMS PG Exam: You must have heard about all the AIIMS exams because it is one of the most difficult and famous medical examinations. However, do you know that the AIIMS PG exam is even more difficult? Yes, you heard it right. PG examination in Doctor is for the post of Medical Director who specializes in the subject. You will be surprised to hear that it has only 124 seats and this exam takes place twice a year. Surprisingly, 25% of the seats are for undergraduate students and the remaining seats are reserved. Due to so many seats in the reservation, this exam is considered difficult, as the general candidates have to get a seat based on their merit by competing too much.

3) CAT exam: CAT exam is for IIMs. Candidates can enroll in top management schools in India from this. Most of these exams focus on oral reasoning and aptitude tests. This exam is an objective type, in which you have to solve more questions in less time. Today, not only IIM, CAT examination scores, but also other management schools are taking candidates, but it is very difficult to get a good percentage in it.

4) IIT-JEE Exam: The IIT-JEE exam is the most difficult exam for engineering candidates. This exam consists of 2 rounds: Preliminary and Mains. If you clear the preliminary round, only you can sit the main exam. There are 1.2 million students taking the exam every year, in which some passes are selected for the main examination. According to one figure, the selection is done in the ratio of 1: 45, which is very less. Due to negative marking in the IIT exam, this exam becomes even more difficult. You are aware that IIT colleges are famous not only in India but all over the world.

5) IES Exam: IES Exam is considered as a tough exam in India. It is also conducted by the Government of India and is similar to the Civil Services Examination. It is one of the very difficult examinations as it consists of four rounds. First aptitude, then objective technical paper, written technical paper and then interview. Only after clearing all this can you succeed in IES. More and more people take this test because it provides a good work environment and a handful of money.

6) NDA Exam: NDA exam is one of the most difficult examinations of the armed forces, you can give this exam only after 10 + 2. The examination is an objective type; there are questions on logic and merit. There is also around for physical fitness. According to your score, you get a job in the army, navy or air force. This exam is very difficult to pass and lakhs of candidates of the year appear for the exam, in which the number of selected people is less. This is done to check that future officers are mentally or physically fit.

7) CLAT Exam: CLAT Exam is for those who are interested in the law and justice system. It is a law test, you can get ranked in the top 16 universities of India. You can also enroll in various private universities with this exam score. According to a statistic, today more than 45000 persons are interested in law because this seat is too low for the top university, it is an examination. Considered difficult. The examination is of two hours, in which questions of Math, English, Logical Reasoning and Aptitude and Legal Reasoning are asked.

8) CA Exam: CA exam of Chartered Analyst is considered to be one of the most difficult examinations not only in India but in the world. This exam is very difficult and there are 7 topics that you have to clear. The final semester, which is called the Chartered Analyst exam, is very tough and it tears in your eyes. To pass the final exams, you have to work hard and the questions will be very difficult. You will be surprised to know that only 8% of the candidates are successful in this exam.

9) NET Examination: This exam is done by UGC in some selected colleges. Through this exam, you can get a chance to lecture or do research. This test is so difficult that some people do not clean it even after trying four to five times. You will be stunned to know that this exam has been done in 83 subjects and it is impossible to clear it.

10) Railway Examination: In railway examination, such people think that railway test is easy and there is no problem in giving it. It is true that the railway exam is easy with other exams and you can get a good government job as well. However, do you know why it is difficult? You would not believe that 25 million people sit for this exam every year, out of which only a few can be selected. Many people give this test, which is more than the population of Australia. Therefore, it is considered as a difficult examination of India, where the questions are easy, but those which give are much more than any examination. So this was our top 10 tough entrance exams today. In the comments section, tell us which exam you found most difficult and which exam you want to take.