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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

How to Crack GATE with College

Hello everyone, this article is especially for college going gate aspirants who are preparing in parallel in their college. So before starting this article, I want to make it clear that if you are a pass out aspirant or you are in some work or you are preparing full time. Then this article is not much relevant for you, so it will be your choice to see this article, but still, I will make sure that even if you are not a student preparing forget out, but if you see this article by the end, you will get some excellent tips for time management. Which will apply in all domains of your life to get good results? But in particular, this article is for college going candidates who are preparing for GATE in parallel and facing problems in managing time for both college and GATE. Then I will give you some solid useful tips for you. So before taking any suggestions from me, it is important for you to know why you should follow my guidelines.

I was the topper of my university. My CGPA was the highest in all the branches, not only in the mechanical branch but in parallel I prepared for GATE in my 3rd and 4th year. So I already have experience handling this situation. How to manage college studies and gate preparation one at a time. So if you watch this article till the end, you will see that I will give you some very concrete suggestions, which will give you instant results and you will be able to effectively prepare for the gate with your college baggage. I am not going to talk about hard work or perseverance or determination like those things you know yourself how to apply I will get you what you really need to crack the gate So let's start with the first thing I will say. Any time you have in your college is sufficient to prepare for any exam. I am not saying this for "Gate Only". If you are doing 'engineering' from any college, then you have enough time to prepare for whatever exam you want to pass.

I usually interacted with final year college students. I have noted that they do not prepare for GATE or other examinations. She/he is just relaxing and wasting her time in films, doing assignments and chilling with friends and sleeping with her cozy blanket whenever she finds nothing to waste time is. She has not started her preparations / She is thinking about taking a break of 1 year to prepare after college. The common mindset among them is that it is not possible to prepare with college and get a good rank, due to which many students have started considering it an inferior option to prepare for GATE while in college. He started thinking that College + Gate would not have a useful conclusion. It is also due to the lack of much-needed confidence and planning that many bright students are not doing well in GATE. Even those who are preparing are not thinking about taking the exam to take the exam seriously. To know only about the exam pattern, if you just want to know the exam pattern, go through the previous year. , It will give you an idea about the exam.

Therefore, despite wasting your time getting the idea of the exam, you should prepare for it honestly and in fact, preparing for GATE is comparatively easy for you. In college, preparation will be more difficult when you are in that situation. Are in a job that is very time consuming with a heavy workload and annoying boss and many other situations such as that which will be even more difficult, Therefore, first of all, create a belief that when you are in college it is possible to crack the gate, many students are doing this every year. Many students prepare for this while in college and they get a good rank. I am an example myself and many people like me are doing this every year and as you are providing enough time for preparation which I will tell you about this later, first of all, you should give priority to many things happening in college.

Hostels such as friend-circles, movies, seasons, laptop games are also available for you along with a lot of interruptions in college. 26/4 which can make your preparation difficult. If you have not set your priority, the first thing I will tell you is that you should believe that it is quite possible to prepare for GATE while in your college. They are getting success in this and at the same time, the other important thing is that you should set your priority because you have a lot of time and a lot of interruptions in your college. When you are preparing, you should have CL as your priority. With ears, you should be clear about studying in the evening or going for a walk with your friend during your study time. You should be able to decide whether you should go out with friends who are inviting you to film during your study time or you should clearly say 'no' to them for your preparation. It is very important for you to first set your priority that GATE is your top priority and it is not only valid when choosing between friends and GATE. It is also valid for college tasks such as assignments, classes, and even semester exams even when priority comes between semester exams and GATE if you exceed GATE college grades during semester exams. If you prefer, then you are not placing your GATE on the front seat, which is completely inappropriate for a serious candidate, about which I ask you Will cha. In a separate article in detail about how to prepare for GATE during semester exams, therefore, overall I would like to say that you should compare friends, college and everything else with GATE and make a complete decision on your ether. Whether or not the top priority is GATE, I must say that these small things will have a big contribution to deciding your final result.

It is not that you have to do something extraordinary for your success in GATE, it will be decided by small decisions that you take on a daily basis like what you are liking on a daily basis, movie or gate, with friends. Chilling or gate these small decisions will decide whether you get success in the gate or not, so it is mandatory to make the gate as your top priority point. The upcoming marks are going to be very helpful and will tell you how you can use your college hours for your GATE preparation. The next important thing is that you should use the attendance margin available in your college judiciously. Each college/university offers a margin of 20–25% in student attendance, where you can manage to skip your classes, so you are getting an additional 25% college. Time and you should use that time effectively. Generally, students use that time to relax and shout outside. This is a silly idea and you wasted 20-25% of your valuable time by not going to college and taking rest. All-day in your room it is not like everyone is doing this, some students are using this time wisely by studying in a hostel or library, but most of the students are wasting their time and getting a wonderful sleep And are completing the GOT in one stretch, so you should not waste that time you should use that time margin of leaves effectively.

Use this time when you have to prepare for some tests or you have to read some important topics, where you need to sit for a long time keeping yourself refreshed and active, take your leave on that day and the topics you have decided/complete the tests. Just don't take a vacation for a good night's sleep. I'm reiterating that you have to prioritize things for you if you have to choose between restful sleep and a gate "after a few hours of study" just to be done today. Think about the activity. After 3 years from you and its effect, 3 years from now, it will not go into the case where you slept on that day or not. But it will definitely matter whether you have prepared that day for the gate or not, surely you will not feel refreshed after 3 years of sleep. Are you? But it certainly matters a lot if you choose to prepare for your gate overlaying to ensure that the rank you get will continue to get you throughout your life. So I would suggest that whenever you find it difficult to choose between GATE and some others, the only thing is to check the result in a horizon of 2-3 years by preparing for GATE and getting a good rank will definitely get you Happiness that you share with your next generation as well, so basically I would suggest that you prepare to use your attendance margin judiciously NOT gate and a few non-gate activities is not wasted.

Now I will share with you those tips on how you can effectively manage your college-time for your GATE, I get many questions from students and I have given them my time as college-time and free time I have seen that students used to claim that I am only 4-5 pm after my college. It is not an appropriate statement. The mentality of the students is that they get gate in their college time. The sector cannot prepare for. This is a flaw they use to make, in fact, the level of strictness is more or less the same in any private / government college and if a college is in some way too strict, not all faculty will surround you and Looking at your class note whether you are doing classwork with 100% completion or not, the students' time is wasted in various activities of that time. You need to use your college hours very effectively, take the idea from your mind that you cannot prepare for GATE while you are in college hours. You should think every morning whether you are going to college to prepare for GATE. Looks like you have to study for your semester exams because most of the stuff in the semester is common for Gates courses that are extra in the semester, you can refer to it 10 days before your semester if you focus on concept-building Which you can definitely complete by preparing for GATE, it should at least handle semester examinations for technical subjects. There will be a cakewalk.

You can also make an essay on minor technical topics asked in college if you are honestly preparing for GATE. I will also tell you a strategy for topics that are not relevant to GATE in this article. But for the topics relevant for GATE, semester exams will not be a concern for you. If you are preparing on your own and the same subject is going on in class and if you are not delivering the subject by faculty, then for any reason you do not need to follow that lecture and you use that time Can do it again for your GATE. I will tell you "HOW" The first thing is that you should surround people who can support you in your preparation. They should know that you are preparing for GATE so that they can warn you about things that can be problematic such as "faculty getting in your line". It's a minor thing to consider, but yes it is very effective, you may have trouble, beginning, to find such people. If you do not have the proper image in academics, it was easy for me to find that group because of my image. But, if you have recently started your preparation, it may be troublesome for you in the beginning.

Surprising to them that you are preparing for GATE, it will be a phase of a few days and only after you have made sure that they are supporting you in your preparation, then you can prepare well during class time They can manage and use their college time. In many ways, the first thing you should know is how important the revision is for GATE, I repeat this thing in every EXERGIC free-webinar as well as the premium webinar that the revision is very important and the amendment He can be done using short notes, not whatever on long notes if they are in the form of short notes, so you can modify them in college time. This would be very effective use. Try not to do things that may require your high concentration. Passing faculty must switch viewing subjects. This will break your concentration to study fresh subjects, so prioritize revision to study new subjects in class. You can stop and resume your revision anytime as per requirement in class so revision is the best thing.

An honest gate aspirant should do during classes. Another option for you in the classroom is the study of subjects like manufacturing processes that are theoretical in nature and do not require much learning. You have many things that you have to dig without other How to apply such concepts to subjects, as well as to tell you when you are in class, your mob now all at Il screen may be available. If I use all its courses like article syllabus, study material, test and even example to solve doubt, you can use it wherever you need, even in class I used Mobile phones were also of small screen size when I was a student when there were limited online resources to click and study with pictures. Sorry, you can manage it nowadays very easily so I really do not suggest I am giving you what you want to accomplish those things that require more of your attention in class. You should sort the topics for class, after class and during leaves; you have to plan for this yourself, so two important things that I have shared with you. Revising from short notes and covering theory topics in the college classroom itself that you don't need to pay much attention to, so these are two things you can focus on during classes. In addition to preparing for GATE, there are many things you can use your college time for, such as preparing for GATE is not the only way to have effective classroom-management. After college, you have to complete college-related tasks.

Take an example when you have to submit an assignment and if you are a student who follows the time routine to submit the assignment then there may be some problem for you but if you can manage it with a delay of one or two days, You can copy-paste and submit it only during college hours. As the vibes after class in the library or in the hostel are much better for the quality study, so completing tasks like revision, theoretical subjects and assignments will definitely put a heavy burden on your head and create more cream time after college assignments. There is also a thing to cover important technical gate oriented topics which you can cover in your college only if you are Manage with care. To cover non-GATE topics, you must have some understanding of what is really going on in those subjects, regardless of how the faculty is explaining the subject in the classroom, you must be sincerely present in their lecture Should, you should follow the company of those students who are not always required to be attentive in that class, but follow those lectures regularly as you just use that poison To understand what is happening in Y, you can usually teach faculty the only exam oriented things in the classroom, so try to complete related tasks yourself or during college time, at least I spend college hours I would not recommend dedicating even a minute to non-GATE subjects after.

So attend those classes carefully, which faculty are usually used to highlight important things for the semester examination. Keep your eyes and ears open. Try to interact with the faculty so that you know what is more important in that subject and just get the idea of the subject. Trust me if you just have a compilation of the subject's stress, you will get lots of ideas for filling the sheet. Now you are an adult and you should know the art of manipulation when it comes to semester exams. If you have an idea of the subject, you will be on the safe side of the subject. There are some students who will go with this idea. One-night stands, where they flip notes a day or two ago, I'm not saying it's not a good idea, but I have scored well in those subjects as well because some of my focus on CGPA There are reasons and also if college is grade is not a big deal for you, then you should prepare for GATE in those classes and also I have discussed the five things which I have just briefly I am told.

1. Judicious use of attendance margin for the gate.
2. Engage yourself for gate modification during college hours. Complete theoretical and less numerically intensive subjects in the class itself.
3. Try to complete the college assignment within the college time itself.
4. Complete non-GATE topics during your lectures. Having them appear sincerely, I am repeating my words again. It is very possible to crack GATE with college.

Do not go into rest mode with a plan to take a break of just 1 year. Preparation because post-college preparation creates a lot of pressure because you have no B option in your hand except GATE. This will adversely affect your GATE / will increase your chances of making silly mistakes. Because of which you may not be able to give your best. So which college are you in or preparing for the exam? It is very possible to crack any competitive exam equally with your academics. I would suggest you implement all the suggestions shared with me. If you ask any other relevant questions, you can ask me in the comment box.