Sunday, 1 March 2020


Hello everyone and welcome to Rozgaar Express An initiative to bring a shadowed career like Merchant Navy into Lights solves your problems and clears all your doubts to welcome to the first article. The article is about what is Merchant Navy and how can we join the Merchant Navy in India.

It dates back to the time of the First World War when King George V was the king of the United Kingdom. Heavily impressed by its merchant’s fleet, He bestowed them the title of the merchant navy. Later all the countries started terming their merchant fleet as Merchant Navy so it became a common term Merchant Navy has three basic departments the deck department Engine department and the galley Department I'll be explaining about these Department details later in the article all the three departments have officers and crew. There is a hierarchy maintained on board of a ship first comes the master or the captain he is the overall lead in charge of the ship. Then going on the Deck side comes the chief officer who is in charge of the cargo operations, Deck crew and Cadets. 

Then on deck side, we have second officer third officer and Deck Cadet. The crew on the deck side comprises of the bosun, being the head of all the crew the pump man, AB or able seaman or and OS is known as all Ordinary Seaman in the catering department we have the chef or chief cook, next to him is the second cook and the next to him is a steward. Now coming on to the Engine side we have a chief engineer as the head then the second engineer who is the in charge of all the operations going in the engine room and the get it below the second engineer we have the Third Engineer, fourth engineer, engine cadet knew as trainee marine engineer or junior engineer these are the operation level and support level staff in the engine. Then we have to or electrical engineer for the crew on the Indian side will have oiler, greaser, Junior rating and motorman now let's talk about how to join merchant navy you can either join Merchant Navy as an officer or as a crew for an officer your first rank will be Cadet Deck, Engine or Electrical. 

For the crew, you will be a general-purpose rating. Now if you want to join as an officer for those interested in the deck have two options after their twelve ten plus two first there is B.Sc in nautical science and Diploma in nautical science leading to B.Sc. On the Engine side, we have BTech in marine engineering and graduate marine engineering that has done post-graduation. For the electrical, we have electrical training officer course that is a four-month course now let's talk about how can you join a vessel as a GP rating so for that you'll have to do a six-month pre-sea course and the eligibility criteria are 40% in your class 10th you should be a minimum of 17 and a half years old at the time of joining the course. If you want to join as a fitter or a petty officer you'll have to pass a two-year ITI course from a government-approved Institute with a minimum 50% marks and make sure you have 40 % minimum marks in English so for the catering department you'll have to do a six-months maritime catering course and the eligibility criteria are 40% in 10+2 and 40% in English as well you should be seventeen and a half years old at the time of joining the course. 

Now we'll be talking about Diploma in nautical science this is a one-year course for that you'll need 60% in 10+2 in your PCM, that is physics chemistry and maths and 60% in English with the minimum age is 18 years and the maximum age limit is 25 years this is the minimum qualification that is required you can do it either by after doing a BSc or BTech or a BE the next is BSc nautical Sciences this is a three year BSC course for which you require 60% in your physics chemistry maths in 10+2 and 60% in English the minimum age is 18 years and the maximum age is 25 years after this course you'll have to go for internship for 12 months, post that you will have to do a four months preparatory course that is compulsory for giving the COC exam please note there is no exemption for written examination interested in joining as an engineer we are B.tech Marine Engineer that is a four-year B.tech course. for that, you will need 60% in 10+2 and 60% in English as well. 

The age limit is same you can either take a literal entry into a second here or from a BTech course or a diploma you can join it the second year after completing your diploma we have graduate marine engineering it's a 1-year graduate course that you will do after your graduation from mechanical engineering or naval architecture with a minimum requirement of 50% in your final year and 60% marks in English in your 10 or 12 maximum age limit is twenty-eight years for joining the course and the person should be unmarried Electrical Technical Officer which is a four-month or seventeen weeks course followed by six months mandatory sea training this course requires B.tech in either Electrical Engineering or electronics or various mentioned branches and you should have a 60 % minimum marks in English in your either 10 or 12 Maximum age limit is 35 Alright Guys.

These were the courses through which you can join the Merchant Navy. Make sure you join a college that has a good placement record. At last, I would like to just say a few words without Merchant Navy half of the world would freeze and the other half would starve.