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How to become a pilot so well before we start off how to become a pilot let me tell you that becoming a pilot is one of the best professions especially in this part of the world in India this is one of the professions where your salaries are paid and international standards so as a pilot your salary is calculated in dollars pay rupees of course so no matter where you fly in the world you pretty much receive similar salaries the only difference between flying in a very well-developed country and a developing country would be just maybe 10 or 20 % and keeping and keeping in view the cost of living in this country being a pilot is being rich so.

So I started my article here with the information relating to how to become a pilot the first thing is that you should have your 10+2 you're a grade 12 with maths and physics with 55% marks and if you don't have it you could appear in the open university exams and okay you're 10 plus 2 and I can tell you it's worth it the second thing to do is get your medicals done because unless you're fit it's no point being a pilot so to get your flying started you need to get your class to medical done so the class to medical entitles you to start your training flying in the country and so the first thing you do is you go online DGC dot govt dot I n in the medical section there is a list of approved class to medical centres where your class to medical can be carried out so once you get your class to medical done from these centres any of these centres they will forward your medical report to D G C and D G C has a medical cell which is run by the Indian Air Force and they will generate a medical assessment stating.

That you're fit to carry out your privileges as an as mentioned in the class to medical so once you've all done your class to medical the next thing to do now is to care get your plus one initial medical done so I recommend that the class one initial medical should only be done by at any of the four Air Force centres in the country you have one in your heart you've got one in Ghaziabad you've got one in Delhi and you got one Bangalore so the good the reason I suggest you do it from the Air Force is that the standards are very very high and this is where you will be going regularly for your medicals through the through your entire career and if you certified fit by the Air Force Medical Center's it's there is no chance of any ambiguity of anything coming up in the future and especially since you will be investing the hard-earned money of your family or your parents or whatever resources you use it is very important.

That this is one factor that you check before you start flying so you have your medical done so once you've got your initial medical done which takes like two days a medical assessment is generated again so this medical assessment is valid for one year the class 1 medical and it has to be renewed every one year you can't let it lapse and you can carry out your renewal of your medical like anytime after 11 months anytime within 12 months so the next thing to do is apply to the disease for your computer number so the website called parrisha dot DG c dot govt dot I n on this website you could go and apply for a computer number once you have a computer number this number remains with you for life so this computer number entitles you to sit for any DGC exams that you'll be appearing for in your career go to DG c 8 or govt dot I n now click on personal and click on medical down below the list of class to medical examiners.

Here and places you can get your class to a medical examination done these are all the empanelled medical examiners and also the list of hospitals and so you could get in touch all the phone numbers emails are provided here next showing you the list of class 1 approved medical centres where you can carry out your class 1 medical examination go through the website it shows you more information than I have been writing about in my article it will clear any of your doubts that you may have once you go through this so you have medical centres in your heart Delhi Bangalore and in Hindon that is in Ghaziabad so you also have two private hospitals one is in a Mumbai and one is in Chennai that carries out the initial class 1 medical examination so now show you the parrisha website which is accessed from the DCC door govt dot iron website so.

You were click to proceed here go to flight crew select a new candidate registration so once you do that it's going to take you to the instructions to the candidates so here specifically mentions that computer number is a prerequisite for a Pyrrhic for any examination so so now next I'm going to show you a detailed application online how and what all you need to fill up so just follow the process as shown to you on the website and go step by step and fill up all the details here it's rather simple the only thing is once you know where to go it makes life very easy and that's why I've shown you all the details here so once you have done this all you need to do at the end of the whole process is hit submit and you're all set and this should help you generate your computer number the details of time will be mentioned on the website in the description at how many days will it take for you to receive your computer number you so the process is rather simplified than before everything can be done online and the response rate is quite good they respond quite promptly so the first exam.

That you need to appear for ioctl exams so if you're doing your Cpl from India you'll be appearing for five exams which is the regulation your air navigation meteorology your aircraft technical general an aircraft technical specific that is the aircraft that you will be flying every club that you want to get an endorsement on or a loan flying on you have to pass the technical exam that eight aircraft so and if you if you're not flying in India and you've gone abroad and you've carried you've done you're flying your Cpl licence abroad then when you come back to India you have to appear for your a regulations examination and your composite the composite is a combined exam of the air navigation and your meteorology besides these examinations will CPL to operate a radio communication equipment in this country you need a license called the RT license so to carry out your privileges as a pilot you also need an RT license which is issued by the WPC Ministry of telecommunications and this exam happens six times a year this is the examination schedule for the RTR exam the Cpl exams and the composite exams for the conversion happens four times.

Here so if you're doing the sepal in India and you pass all your five papers and your RT exam so the next best thing to do is to go to Flying Club and get your flying out of the way it's just 200 hours of flying depending on where you go on and do your flying it could take anywhere from six months to maybe two years to complete your flying so based on what I just told you in this article you have managed to secure a commercial pilot's license now the next thing I'm going to do is to answer a few queries that people had first is about your glasses well if you're as long as your eyesight is correctable to a six by six you good to go you can be a pilot.

The second thing people ask me about how tall you need to be well that's an interesting question yes there is a requirement to be at least five feet and two inches to be a pilot and there is also testing that is done proper testing wherein it is checked if you're eligible to become a pilot based on your height the next thing that I get asked is about laser correctable surgery well see if you're starting off to becoming a pilot now you probably eighteen or nineteen years old and at this age getting your eyesight corrected using lasers is not recommended the other thing they get asked is can you wear contact some fly yes you can wear contacts and fly but I don't recommend it the other another thing that I get asked is can I get a job with a CPM just a Cpl yes you can get a job as a Cpl I got a job with just the CPM but yes it gets difficult so what do I have to do next so the next thing.

That you should be doing is getting yourself trained on a big aeroplane ideally a nameís 320 or a Boeing 737 so in my next article on this subject, I will bring the prospects of doing your Boeing 737 and you ever see 20 ratings the most popular ratings to do right now that make you more employable in this country my article s I do a lot of Vlogging I travel around the world as an airline pilot I go cycling around the world on a foldable cycle a lot of interesting things that you could be doing if you become a pilot so see you soon with your wings and your applets on chess.