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So today’s time is called the time of competition, which is spread in a large section of its different forms, if you were done thirty-forty years ago, then the importance of government job at the level of the life of the masses But as the time is changing, the flow of government jobs is increasing steadily even though it is being talked about a few years ago, only 2-4 people from the village are in government jobs. But the influence of government jobs has increased in the present time. That everyone wants to achieve them and circumstances have become so much that: like Government job is a huge achievement as if human life is the only goal. There was a time when people were taken and taken for government jobs and were told that you have to do this job and today is a time where government jobs are caught and captured and carried out. The terms are limited here because at the present time there is a “pomegranate and a hundred sick” condition.

At present, the importance of government jobs in every area special category is maintained, for which a template has been prepared in the form of education and the area is fixed such that a person with a science-math can become a doctor engineer. – Others can give exams in commerce with … etc. But the situation remains that government jobs are less And millions of people who receive them are in the number of such as to be examined, like examinations like UPSC, there is only a limited amount of vacancy in which the number of people sitting in lacks is done in exactly the same way many exams like SSC, Railways, State level examinations… etc. And then it is only when the candidate preparing for a bigger exam from a bigger who has never thought that such examinations are also given because he should only have a government job.

If you are talking about government jobs and other aspects related to society, then it is an example of that everybody parents seek brides for their children or seek dowry, then government jobs, they do not mean anything In which post, whether it is a pen or a big post, they should only have a government servant who is mostly seen. Looking at today’s time, it seems that everyone does not appreciate humanity as the life partner of their own or their children. Government jobs, such as the government job of a paradise, there are many reasons in the society that many people have to get the government’s job, the only goal is to get the home away from the family society. Many examples we see in society, many people get jobs but they offer their sacraments to sacrifice because they are the only good luck in their lives. The shy made the government itself.

Due to these reasons, today a family gets scattered in many parts and by getting a good education, it shifts around in search of government jobs, even if it goes away from its village society environment to a big city. Assuming there are 5 members in a family, in which city, to which of them is anybody sent to someone, so that they are called a family So, in which city, to which one of they are sent to anybody in a city so that they are called a family, but their worth falls into the demand for government jobs and they are scattered, and the five families of the same family Members go to four to five parts, only in the urge to get government jobs.

If it comes to government jobs then at present, everyone wants to get the smallest government job so that there is a common time in the government job that you have to work under and in the private job while over time it’s not like this. In modern times, to get government jobs, the person remains dumped in the books of the day, due to which there is no good news from the worldly home family, and in many cases, many times circumstances do not go unnoticed. Takes if it is talked about by getting them, education is the only the important way through which it can be achieved and done, but today education is not about everyone’s bus because thousands of institutions running in the country have their own Prices have so low that not everyone is able to afford their cost.

If we talk about hurting government jobs, we come to see how corruption, political or other types of greed, try to get them in the grip, Therefore, in this era of modernism, the desire for government jobs is increasing day by day, and everybody has marked their life with symbols such as human without which they have no existence or else They are incomplete in the absence of government jobs. This proves that the effect of these jobs on the present life is so frightening. Therefore, in this era of modernism, the desire of government, jobs are increasing day by day, and everybody has marked them life with symbols such as human without which they have no existence or else they are incomplete in the absence of government jobs. This proves that the effect of these jobs in the present life is so frightening. Protection Status