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Education is an important contributor to the present time, but the contribution of more than what is contributed in our life depends on the result that results in its results. The “result” according to which the qualification of the person is assessed and the selection is done in any form which is also important, on the basis of which the person’s skill and competence show that he is eligible for that work or not.

Whether it is governmental outcomes, whether it is education, medicine, electoral atmosphere…etc. The results only make important contributions for everyone, if one of these forms is highlighted in education, and then something like this is because nowadays, the importance of government results is in the form of education, in the same way as a parent for a child or his Wife living with her whole life.

If the present time is talked about, then the result of every child depends on the criteria of its education, on which basis the mood of all the dreams is rested, as well as its livelihood depends on which person It is priceless capital to become skilled, because of which he wants to give the reward to his work to the family of the house. It is not necessary that the result of a person is related to his education, it is also possible in other areas, but in today’s time, it is possible to look into the tangled aspects such as, on the government result, as it is, And it is only a reminder of the benefits to the society regarding dividends and frightening consequences.

At present, the person leaves his assessment on his own results and when he does not get the results according to his mind, he sometimes becomes forced to make big tough decisions such as suicide or change of his way… .etc as an example Talk about the official results of the present times, whose condition is getting worse every day Because, at the time the results are being released, it is not possible to remain in a situation, and then it is only when the same type of results is re-released, it will be a dream of your golden future. Thousands seem to be messing with the kids.

On the day we come, we see that there are cases of gravity or corruption related to some of the consequences of any examination or from the opposite.  In some places, politics is also played in those, who get caught in the grip of the future of thousands of children.

The future of millions of children sitting on the government registrations depends only on the fact that their results will be in accordance with them, but when the reality comes out, there are such acts in them that are condemnable, they break their faith. Not only will this but they also motivate someone else with the disappointed mind. The result of which can be responsible for any condition. From this, a bright future also takes on the claim, and as a result, many future-oriented new policies can be denied either, or it can be said that due to the new creation of new youth or their cooperation, society can be deprived of the country Maybe they have some policies that could emerge as a source of inspiration for the society, but when it came to insufficient behavior, then all of that I was left drunk.

In this era of modernity, in this era of modernity, every parent wants to see their children as a government post, whose hopes live on governmental outcomes, behind which they quench their excuses, and when the watch is sitting around looking for results If that time is the opposite of their expectations, then as if they were struck by the thunderbolt of Indra or the ground has fallen under the feet. That is the reflection of the reaction takes place which is possible all their dreams and hopes of crushed.

If we look at these things according to the recent elections, the result is also important. As per which government is selected if a doctor has treated his dying patient in a hospital and given the form of being optimistic by keeping him alive again, then this would be the result for him.

If any such evidence is found to understand the importance of governmental results and to protect it from any kind of corrupt graft, then the government head should take immediate action against it because almost every person’s future depends on the official results. Then that area is anyone. Protection Status