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As for syllabus is a concern the candidate should be a hundred percent sure that whatever they have studied during their entire educative years, right from Kinder Garden days to the days of obtaining final certificate diploma or degree, every subject and every chapter matters to secure merit list marks. This is not to create any undue worry in the minds of candidates but it would be fitting to remember and understand as said above that every chapter matters, no doubt that questions language and its way of presentation will not be the same as taught during study period, but if candidates see the questions carefully and understand its hidden meaning that it won’t be difficult for them to conclude that whatever questions are asked all are from the course of the prescribed minimum qualification for the examination, hence it would be in the interest of candidates to store in their mind whatever is taught to them.

But the above-said explanation should be understood by each and every candidate with an open-minded that the question asked in the examination will not be and cannot be in similar language and shape as the candidate has studied during their college days as the purpose in education institutions has been to explain each and every topic in simple form so that most of the student may understand and once they passed the minimum qualification test and become a candidate for the government service that their knowledge is support to be tested from all the respect only for this reason the person who set the question paper they use tricky language to confuse the  candidate but if one is having clear understanding and after reading the question tries to put on his brain that tries and by the question become clear and easily drives the candidate mind to the relevant course and chapter to find the correct answers.

Therefore it is very imperative for every candidate to know the entire syllabus and for this the last available books of latest edition will be of good and great help as the books are easily available in the market it will be in the interest of candidate to buy these books and study them topically and relate this latest knowledge with the course they have undergone in the educational studies, more and more that course and syllabus of guide books are studied and a clear idea is formed that how it is related with college days course than the picture of competitive exam will be crystal clear. At this point, the candidates are also guided to think one more important aspect of the computer of competitive examination which they are going to appear. This is a fact that the minimum prescribed qualification remains the same for years with some minor changes and the competitive exam are also conducted every year and the question paper is setup differs a lot every year as such all the guide books of last ten years are to be referred to understand the ways of tricky language of questions.

As far as possible every candidate must have their original method to keep the entire syllabus in their mind. One of the suggested ways is to arrange all the topics of the syllabus in alphabetical order along with the answers in a similar way and once the entire syllabus and their answers alphabetically arranged than attest the candidate will be well aware that the exact number of questions fall under a particular alphabet and their answers are available under which alphabet the detail of the syllabus is also available on different educative wave sites and can be downloaded from there.

After having a fair knowledge of syllabus start the study of each topic keeping in mind the ways of converting it into questions first an essay type of question and second a multiple, as the question letters is at liberty to judge the suitability of candidates asking both types of questions essay and multiple, while submitting answers of essay type of question standard course book’s related chapters may be of great help answer to the point, and always  make it in your mind the main point of the question which the candidate is replying as far as possible the language of the answers should be simple, straight forward, do not repeat the language of guide books, use your simple language, divide the answer in three parts first the introduction, second the detail explanation of main point of also be careful that words are not repeated again and again, as far as possible one word uses once may not be repeated in the same paragraph it is more desired particularly for the candidates appearing the examination with art side subjects.

Nowadays, multiple question are also common, under this the candidate is provided a number of answers minimum four of each question but the correct answer is only one which is to be selected by the candidate, the selectors of correct one depend on your study of the subject and topic here the candidates are suggested to apply their brain and memory without any confusion and tick the answer the answer only after reading  the question with almost care keeping in mind the fact the negative marking which may be applicable or may not be but if it is a part of the examination that the candidate is advised to exercise maximum care before ticking unless not 100% sure please do not tick and bypass the question.

It may appear difficult but careful study and revision of the course again and again would provide a clear understanding to overcome such situation question books of many past years will be of great help attempt to solve the question of bygone examination for as many years as possible for obtaining success in the appearing examination. Protection Status